Mr. Elliottís has been in the automotive industry as a systems expert for over 35 years. A retired Systems Support Supervisor, he was responsible for the design and implementation of the on-line Procurement system (CPARS) and the Blanket Order system (BOSS90) for Ford Motor Company and its suppliers.A sampling of his work has resulted in, but is not limited to:

  • Supervisor of Global Systems Support Group for Facilities, Materials and Service Purchasing

  1. Responsible for supporting Ford Non-Production Purchasing systems in North America and Europe

  2. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), implementation and support of X12 standards

  3. Design, implementation and training of CPARS system enhancements

  4. Incorporation of Internet delivery of purchasing documents

  5. Installation of digital scanning for storage and retrieval of Purchase Orders and legal documentation

  6. Business lead on the non-production Electronic Commerce Team responsible for developing the Ford Internet Requisitioning program

  • Systems Analyst for Operations Planning & Control (Production)

  1. Controlled Body and Assembly Operations Production Parts Inventory Control system (MSII)

  2. Support analyst for the Production Parts Releasing system

  • Production Control Operations Analyst for Purchasing and Supply Staff

  1. Implemented Fordís Common Identification System (CIS) at B&A-

  2. Project leader for the design and implementation of the Corporate Master Catalog Control/Part Specification System

  3. Senior Carline Coordinator, responsible for incorporation of mid year Added Starters and Running changes for all Car and Truck lines at Body & Assembly Operations

  4. Material Control Field Representative, performed audit and liaison functions

  5. Non-Production Inventory System Analyst

  • Plant experience - 9 years Salary

  1. Senior Specification and Audit

  2. Shortage Coordinator and Systems Analyst

  3. Engineering Change Coordinator and Processor

  4. Cycle Check and Parts Control Follow-up Analyst

  5. Auditor

  6. Material Handling Supervisor

  7. Non-Production Stores Supervisor
    (3 years hourly)

  8. Material Handler, Fork Lift Operator, Receiving/Shipping and Cycle Checker

He has attended various seminars on Written Communication Skills, Kepner-Tregos (Problem Solving), Interpersonal Communication Skills, Meeting Effectiveness and Time/Stress Management (Ford Motor Company Sponsored). Mr. Elliott was a member of the Ford Non-Production Material Procurement Council, the Electronic Data Interchange Committee, AIAG "Just-In-Time" (JIT) Committee for Non-Production material and the Ford Industrial Materials Purchasing Strategy Committee. 



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