Mr. Cohen brings 30 years of progressive and diverse industrial management experience to CJ Systems consulting practice. He has extensive background in supply and logistics management with the Ford Motor Company, including inventory control, non-production stores, material handling, domestic and international transportation and customs and duty drawback. Mr. Cohen earned a BS in Industrial Management from Lawrence Technological University. He has also completed courses in Materials Management and Principles of Inventory Management at Wayne State University and courses in transportation and customs at several other institutions.

A retired professional from Ford Motor Company, Don was actively involved in Customs and transportation regulatory compliance management, International transportation and customs management, material planning and analysis, transportation analysis and auditing, freight consolidation, material transportation analysis, and project analyses.

Mr. Cohen has effectively reengineered operating activities and processes by analyzing and evaluating domestic and international distribution and supply problems and developing and implementing cost savings solutions as high as $50 million dollars annually. He has conducted business in England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, Mexico and Canada.

Specific accomplishments include:

  • Managed $13 billion of parts, vehicle, tooling and facilities import programs.

  • Reengineered compliance to US Customs Law and Regulations from reactive to proactive, avoiding $30 to $40 million in potential fines and penalties.

  • Developed an automated conveyance cubing model to maximize rail car and truck loadings.

  • Directed a multi-functional task force which recommended consolidation of export operations resulting in $1 million in savings.

  • Increased cost savings from customs duties and fees by improving import programs.

  • Saved $50 million annually by negotiating rail, truck and ocean transportation rate reductions.

Mr. Cohen has worked extensively with personnel from purchasing, material handling, legal, systems, product development and many other related activities. He has also had extensive dealings with US Government regulatory agencies such as US Customs, Department of Transportation, Department of Commerce, Department of State, Interstate Commerce Commission and the Federal Maritime Commission. 




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